Various works with the famous brand while at Atmosphere BBDO
This was part of a pitch for a microsite experience I called the CareerCatalyst. The concept was about urging the job seekerto consider his whole life, not just his career path. By introducing a new element into his ordinary job-seeking frame of vision, we encourageexploration, and dare him to dream.

As the user answers the first question, a representative object iscreated. When he answers the next question, the object that is created isinfluenced by the previous answer, and will share certain properties, and so onwith the subsequent answers.

When the catalyst word is entered, the objects transform and multiply torepresent each match that is made. These objects metamorphosize into a vivid spinning, glowing kaleidoscope, which serves as an interface for the user to drill into specific results.
These were part of a pitch to advertise the new website and tagline and create continuity between the new site and the real world advertising.
After the launch of the new homepage, the new look had to be rolled out to a million sponsorship sites, microsites, emails, landing pages, etc.
And of course, all of our hard work had to be documented, and standards set and published.
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